Using cutlery in the proper manner

If truth to be told, the proper use of cutlery is not rocket science. However, many people struggle with the concept of its proper use, in so much as to how to position it on the dining table correctly. So consequently, when a meal is served, they fail to arrange it in the correct way according to the standard. Because of the people's lack of confidence in placing their cutlery properly, they tend to make mealtimes less formal. 

In fact, such an approach can and will lead to meal times being pretty anti-social. That is because instead of having a dining experience around a table with family and/or friends, people prefer to eat in front of the television or even whilst tapping away at their computer. Therefore, just by learning a couple of basic rules, you will be able to turn your grab and run mealtimes into something formal, special and something for all involved to look forward to. In fact, this is probably the only time most families have the ability to spend quality time together in our busy world that we have made for ourselves. Therefore, give your children a chance to learn you as you, but not as some whirlwind who is there to give ride them back and forth to school. 

Well, the most basic rules when it comes to laying your table are not that hard to understand. Also, once learned you will never forget it. In addition to that, with any luck, your children or dining partners will also notice how the table is laid and are most likely to pass on anything they have remembered to their other friends as well as the future family.

As per the standard, cutlery is arranged in order of its use. The first-course cutlery is placed towards the outer edge of your dinnerware. On the other hand, the courses that follow are placed on the inside of the previously placed cutlery. This means that it is the standard to put the cutlery for your last course out first when placing the cutlery on the dining table. After that, you should follow on the order by placing your other cutlery on the outside of this. You will eventually create a uniform setting.

When it comes to placing your cutlery, the etiquette over the years has dictated that the knives in the cutlery are placed to the right of the dinner service. Then, the forks are placed to the left. When it comes to spoons, they are also placed on the right. Probably, this is because the majority of people are right-handed. Another rule (or a standard) is to make sure that your cutlery matches. It can be really distracting to see a table with mismatched cutlery. 

Well, those are the most basic rules when arranging your dining table. To make it a more formal experience, you can use a tablecloth as well. After that, you can add placemats or a centerpiece for special occasions.